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Question about the IF construct.


I was trying to create an IF construct and Chatscript doesn’t seem to take paranthesis groupings such as: 

if ($x == abc AND ($y == a OR $y == b))

Is this currently supported? I didn’t see this mentioned in the doc.



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It is not supported. You will have to do that as separate things and combine them.


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Ok, that’s what I ended up doing.  Thanks!


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Hi, I just wanted to point out a crashing problem I’ve encountered with the Linux and version 2.9.

if (5 < _0) crashes

if (_0 > 5) does not crash.



  [ # 4 ]

I presume you mean crashes during compilation, not execution.  I do find and have fixed for next release the error message that crashes it.


  [ # 5 ]

Yes, crash during compilation.  Thanks you!


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