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Robo Chat Challenge contest Coming Soon
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Well that’s very disappointing. We’ve had a couple contests like that lately.  But at least you still have bragging rights Steve!  That and $10 more dollars will buy you lunch, right??


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I dunno…
Bragging rights = market share
market share (of an etimated 22b market by 2018) = serious cash
serious cash = finally being able to buy a hollow island volcano
finally being able to buy a hollow island volcano = HAVING A SECRET BASE!
ONS STEP CLOSER T….. carried away there

bragging rights = market share



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If you like, I could sublet you a couple of missile silos in my hollowed out volcano secret evil genius world domination base. Got plenty of room to spare since we switched over to all nanotechnology. It’s strictly BYO plutonium and anthrax though, and you’ll have to make your own arrangements for feeding your genetic abominations on weekends. wink


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Can I bring my flag?



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HOLY SMOKE!!!!! I’ve just been paid the prize money!! big surprise

I just received an email from Paypal saying that someone had deposited $1,500 into my account. Sure, I thought, another one my spam filter didn’t pick up but hang on a minute, this one mentions me by name and hovering over the link reveals the genuine paypal site. Curiosity got the better of me and I logged into Paypal to find $1,500 and a message: “Hi Steve, This payment is for the prize money of Cronus Bot Tournament. Thanks and regards, Akhtar Saeed Hashmi”

I take it all back. This was a wonderful, well run competition and I look forward to taking part again in the next one. tongue wink


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Great news, Steve! Not to mention a bit of a shock, all things considered! smile


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I know. I had forgotten all about this and when I saw the email mention about $1500 and a tournament, I thought it was just spam from a casino/poker site. The downside is, I guess I will have to take my wife and family out for dinner again! smile


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I’m just a wee bit confused.  What’s the relationship between the Robo Chat Challenge and the Cronus Bot Tournament?


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I don’t know but I am guessing they are one and the same, as I haven’t entered any other contests with a $1,500 prize. Hey, maybe because the contest was so long ago, the organizers forgot what they called it! grin

*edit* I have just received an email from Robo Chat Challenge saying that they have paid the winnings and apologising for the delay.


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