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Add a tab for language/NLP?
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No, I’ll handle the moving when the time comes. I wouldn’t do that to you, though I may ask for some assistance with locating other potential threads that would qualify. Of course, we’re still in the “if” stage, rather than the “when” stage, and I haven’t heard back from Erwin, other than his earlier post, so we’re more or less waiting for the next step. smile


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Mark, CR, Dave: great fantastic awesome! What an enthusiasm! Let’s go for it.

I’ll propose to start with a new forum in the ‘general’ area named ‘Natural Language Processing’. Dave can move threads between forums. When the new forum becomes so popular that we need more structure, we can introduce a new category ‘Natural Langugage Processing’ on the level of ‘development’ and we could even grow to a separate tab with separate digests/rss feeds etc. I’d be happy to facilitate this evolution.

If you agree with step 1, Dave can create the new forum and set administrative rights so we can have moderators on forum level.


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Great to hear, Erwin! This will be fun. smile


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Ok, the new forum category has been created, called NLP, Grammar, and Other Communication concepts, and I’ll start reviewing and moving the {sigh!} 30 or so post candidates shortly. smile


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Ooh, nice! From idea to existence within a few days. Impessive. Thanks to everyone involved to make this a reality. Now I have a focused outlet for my many recent thoughts about language. I will definitely be posting there, too.


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As an update, I’ve carefully reviewed all 30 threads, and have moved 19 of them (20, if we count this one). Reasons for leaving some threads in their original locations include:

1.) Discussion about a specific chatbot project that just happens to include mention of NLP or grammar.
2.) Discussion of specific coding examples or concepts that just happen to mention NLP, etc.
3.) Discussion of a specific chatbot platform that has a specific forum already (e.g. ChatScript).

Of the threads considered (and I know this isn’t a competition, so please don’t take it as such), 14 of the 20 that Mark suggested were moved, or 70% of his total, where 5 of CR’s 10 candidates were moved. In CR’s defense, though, I had to really “think” about her offerings, so those 10 took longer for me to review than all 20 of Mark’s. smile

I see that, as I was “writing” this post, Mark has posted, as well (email notifiers are useful tools, no?). I’ll have to read his, now. smile


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It’s my pleasure to serve, Mark. I may not be able to contribute as much as others do, in an academic fashion, but I truly love this field of research/study, and I’m willing to do what I can to assure that we have a public outlet for our ideas, findings, opinions, questions, queries, posers… Crap! Was channeling Johnny 5 for a moment! cheese Sorry.

Anyway, I’m sure I made my point well enough, so I’ll shut up now. smile


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Mark Atkins - Dec 11, 2012:

Since recently I’ve been diggging deeper into natural language processing (NLP), natural language understanding, parsing, grammar, etc., none of which is really AI-related.

I’d say natural language understanding is quite related to AI… if not AGI smile


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Mark Atkins - Dec 11, 2012:

I don’t know if other forum users would find it useful, though. It’s just an idea.

Yes.  I would find that useful.  I also find your threads on that useful.  Thank you.
( I have not been commenting lately, but I have been reading your threads.)


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