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Hello everyone,

My name is Stefan Malic. I’m 19 and interested into chatbots(currently the closes I can get to AI with my knowledge).
I am interested in AI(obviously), PHP, web developing in general and application testing.
I am a certified black-box software tester. Not much really, but for my age I believe it is a good step towards making a career in IT.

I’m currently making my own chatbot in PHP and this is how it looks like:

The bot can also learn like this:
And this is the “Definitions” page:

Fairly simple. At the moment I’m working on a short-term memory of the bot.
First thing I’m going to try to accomplish is:
If the person says something like: “Am I a human?”, the bot will ask “What is a human?” and after it gets the response, it will be stored in the pending definitions table. From the admin panel I’ll approve or delete the definition added by the visitor.
Also, I’m thinking of implementing a name field for the visitor, so the conversation could focus only on the name.

An example:
Visitor: My name is Stefan.
Bot: That’s a nice name! It originates from Serbian history.

Or something of that sort.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. Hope I will find my place right here :D


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Hi, Stephan!

I’m Dave (please, not “Mr. Morton”!), and I’m one of the admins here. I’m also a web designer, botmaster, and lead developer for the Program O project, which is a chatbot engine/AIML interpreter that’s written in PHP. We have a lot of really talented, intelligent folks here, with knowledge and experience in all sorts of aspects of Artificial Intelligence anc chatbot technology, and we’re all here to share ideas and to help each other, so if you have a question, or see one that you can answer, or if you have some ideas that you want to share, please feel free to chime in. We have a section in the forums here that deals specifically with our personal chatbot projects, so if you want to share your progress, or if you have questions, I invite and encourage you to create a thread in that section. On behalf of the staff and members, I welcome you to, and hope that your visits here are informative and entertaining. smile


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Welcome Stephan,

Nice project, I’ll be sure to follow up on it’s progress :~)


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Thank you all, and please call me Steve, it’s much shorter, easier to write and less annoying :D
I will create a thread in the section for bot progress once I make a solid ground for the bot, because currently I just perceive the bot as a PHP script.

Dave, I didn’t know you work on Program O project, very impressive.

Donald, thank you once again, I saw your thread in this section, I hope your bot will be great.


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