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Hello everyone

Hello, my name is Donald aka SyberShot. Feel free to to use either or.
A lil bit about me: I’m a boat technition by trade, I own my own mobile boat repair business. My hobbies are AS3 programming, graphics arts, and web site designing. I am also a big time A.I. enthusiast as well as a bot master.

I use Ultra Hal, Program-o, and a custum built 3D avatar built in as3 utilizing papervision for my 3 Chat Bots named Trinity.


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Hiya, Don, and welcome to! smile

Ok, 2 things:

1.) It’s about time you got here! raspberry
2.) You forgot to mention your website. (please note, folks that his site is still a “work in progress”)
3.) (I fibbed) You also failed to mention your chatbot, Trinity.

In case it’s not obvious, I’ve known Don for a while now, and have to give him some grief. cheese


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Thanks for the welcome and invite Dave, even though the invite was a while ago and repeaded a few times :D Indeed about time I stopped procrastinating, One of my many flaws raspberry

Sorry about not linking my site and Trinity, I did not want first impresions to apear as I’m just a spammer trying to promote my website and chatbot. As you know I been comming to the site for years gathering info and resources, and I gained a lot of respect for erwin and others here. The last thing I would want to do is spam this great community.


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No worries. There’s a difference between friendly promotion of your chatbot and ruthlessly spamming the community. If that ever happens, I’ll instantly step in (as I’ve done numerous times already), trust me. smile


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Hi Donald.

I see your bot Trinity is already very popular having 1002 votes in the Robo Chat Challenge poll hehe! wink
There is a Trinity bot here:
Any relation?

Good to see you here


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Hello Steve,
I’m Sorry :(
I don’t think Trinity is that popular just yet, her conversation logs hold a lot of weight. To be honest there is not that many, so I can not justify her being popular just from unvalidated votes alone wink

There is a Trinity bot here:
Any relation?

Nice chat bot, nice name too, but no relations to mine.

Here is a small background on Trinity:
I named my online Chat Bot Trinity, for there are now three instances of her.
[li]Ultra Hal personal desktop instance[/li]
[li]Program-O online instance[/li]
[li]Flash as3 avatar instance that utilizes Papervision 3D and .mp3’s[/li]
I originally named my Ultra Hal Trinity after the movie character Trinity played by Angelina Jolie, and Trinity the Christian GOD the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. I then tried to create a flash avatar to use with Ultra Hal. Sadly I could not get sound from my onboard soundcard to import into Flash to animate her sound wave analizers, so I now use her for a visual avatar for youtube videos and a welcome message for my website.


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Welcome Donald, I’m glad you joined the forum!
I hope to get in touch with you since I too am interested in web design and AI in general :D


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HI Donald, good to see you here smile


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Thanks Stefan, and my great friend Roger.

@ Stefan and anyone else here, feel free anytime to e-mail me or catch me on skype. I believe both are visible in my profile.


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