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Has anyone ever tried ?

Has anyone here tried ?

I think it’s very intuitive, especially for someone like me who didn’t have any technical/programming background.

I try to build chatbot that act to answer FAQ for students at my school.
For that I’ve tried many platform like pandorabots, acobots, my cyber twin, program-O, etc)

While I still really struggle just to understand AIML (a really painful process for me) I can build a chatbot that function perfectly in minutes with this platform.

I can build any alternatives input without have to thing about wildcards or any <srai> tags.
I also can create any random output without thinking about <random> tags.

For anyone here with technical/programming background, this chatbot4u might seems like a child’s toys, but I see big potential to reach mainstream audience like me.

Because it’s very easy, it already spawn many bots, which their main purpose is about joking (similar to simsimi talking robots)

Have anyone tried it?
Please tell me your opinion about this



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Hi, Adez. smile

Some of us have tried the site, myself included. I thought it was an interesting venture, but at the time, it didn’t suit my specific needs, so that’s about as far as it went, for me. Perhaps you may find it to be a better fit than I did? smile


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I tried chatting with some of the bots on the site, but they weren’t very well-developed. Can you point me to a good bot, Adez? I’d like to get a feel for the platform’s capabilities.


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Hi Dave, I also find some limitations on the site.
Especially because it didn’t allow any HTML or any other type of code.
I’ve tried to build an assistant that can also give a link address to the FAQ page.
That’s why I’m still looking for other platforms alternatives.

To CR Hunt:
You’re right, it seems that most of the people there just like to try out creating bot, but they didn’t realized that building a high quality bot requires a lot of times to build lines of answer (I believe Dr. Wallace said around 10.000 lines?)
The problem with the company is that they didn’t build their own “samples” that can be shown as a good showcase.

But for newbie like me, it’s very helpfull, this site is the one that makes me believe the potential of chatbots and encourage me to learn AIML and other more technical platform.

Before trying chatbot4u, I’ve just looked at my screen, wondering, what I am gonna do to create a simple bot that works.
I hope they will come out with something good, since I’ve seen a lot of company “come and go” because they can’t reach their critical mass on developing costumer.



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Hello All,

Thank you for your feedback on our product.

I am founder of & also created several commercial, marketing and Helpdesk chatbots for several companies like Coka Cola, Microsoft and personal chatbots for example Justin Bieber.

We created chatbot4u to reach a very large audience there are 20k chatbots created and I agree, they are not very “smart” we have created some packages to help people filling their chatbot with knowledge for example a webshop and weather information. We are also have some other plans like a API to let developers create their own functionalities and a live chat plugin.

If you have other feedback please feel free to let us know!

Kind regards
Sjoerd van Dijk
Founder Ecreation &


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Hi Adez,

How is your search going? Interested as I am in a similar situation. Did you try cleverscript, it looks fairly simple too?
I assume you want something that is free or very low cost.



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hi Adez,

You can use project to create your own chat bot. It has very simple ui and you don’t need any technical knowledge to build your personal chat bot.

Note: I am founder of


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