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S.I. Chatbot League
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Im going to follow this up here although perhaps Dave would be so kind as to move these to a more approriate location
This is an example from the same log
here there is a user which is intentionally trying to “trick” the AI by throwing garbage at it.

What’s your name: rubbish weather its too wet
Vince: Sort of a weird way to start a conversation…but OK
What’s your name: rubbish weather its too wet fed up with the rain
Vince: Im going to repeat something ” Hello! Ready for some fresh air? ” , not sure if it was approriate or not.

Which of course it has not encountered be fore. The last line was learned by communicating with another AI. If you were to express the same concept [too wet:weather:fed up]  the response would be localized and it would simply be;
USER: Im fed up with this weather
Vince:  Hello! Ready for some fresh air?



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Thanks Vincent for sharing about RICH and answering my question, to not sray off topic for too long (hope you don’t mind) My resonce will be short. Truely and Simply Amazing Vincent :D


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Latest update:
I got the new site and forum up and running, still working on images, content, menu links, and bug testing.
However Trinity is down due to her not playing nice with the new version of php.
The site is responsive for multiple screen sizes, even smart phones.

The new main areas of the site:

1) Home page:
Choose your theme Style, 8 different styles available. quick nav menu, 9 special articles (not written yet) Latest Activities tabbed area.

2) Competitions:
This is where all future competitions even the S.I. Chat Bot League will held. This is also where conversations and results will be displayed.

3) Pages:
This is a place to get news about A.I. and reletated tech, and a place for my personal blog.

4) a community area:
For posting articles, and or blogs posts within 4 categories (Artificial Intelligence, Home Automation, Robotics, and Programming) , Also a Resource area where you can list your business or website. 

5) Forum:
Choose your theme Style, 8 different styles available.
Great place for suggestions, questions, help others, get help, and or just casual chat.

Community area and Forum require seperate registration. All registration for contests will be done through Community area.

I still have lots to do before I can open the League, plus I will be moving at the end of this month. I am still planning for a couple of test seasons by mid or end of March. Registration is open for both community and forums, you can visit the new site here just remember it is still basically under construction at this time.





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The site looks very good Donald.


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Very impressive Donald!



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Thanks for all the great complements :D


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Really liking this new look smile


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Thanks Roger, As you and Dave Morton will notice the backend has improved looks and features as well smile


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Update: I was hoping to have a test season going by now, I am Sorry but due to the moving into the new apartment taking a bit longer than anticipated I have not gotten to a point where I can start a test season yet.  A few other things held me back as well like building a new computer along with a custom computer case, and I am not done building this yet. I do have it up and running though, and some programs installed. I still have many programs to install still, and some work setting up Trinity (my A.I.‘s name) before it is complete. I also took a couple days off to got to the Chatbot 3.3 conference :D

I should be able to start picking up the pace shortly on getting my website finished, then I can start the test season. I would like to say I am planning for the test season to begin by the end of April, but it might take a tad bit longer. It all depends on how well things go, and available time to get things done.


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This sounds really interesting. I am in agreement with some early posts about the issues with teams. Perhaps a team of two could function? I don’t think I personally would want the communicative headache of dealing with a bigger team.

I will check out the site.


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Thanks MikeA, I’m still having a few issues with ladder program at this time. I have a test url here S.I. Chat Bot League Test url feel free to look around by using the dropdown menu or links within.

I am also building a program for the judges to use.

I’m sorry everyone that I have not given any updates in a while, but I have been wrapped up in my work.

at this time, I’m also in the final stages of an E-Book that I have been writing, and also been working on another website of mine as well. Needless to say I am very busy, but rest assure the S.I. Chat Bot League will be started. Though I’m not 100% sure of an exact date.


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Is the league table a Rockettheme module that came with the template, or a Joomla extension? Just wondering what may exist as Joomla extensions to help such a thing (although ladders are probably not an in-demand thing for 3rd party developers).


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The site is looking good Donald. I look forward to taking part in it.


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Thanks Steve, the site still has a bit to go. I have a few articles that I need to finish up and post for the front page. those should be done by the end of next week.
I’m Glad to hear that you will be participating, and I look forward to all the fun times ahead :D

MikeA the Ladder is a 3rd party extension called JoomSport, it is the free version not the pro version.
I decided to use joomla3.x even though it is not a final release yet, when I started to built the website.
If you don’t know Joomla is working it’s way to a new stable version 3.7 I think will be the name. However they are not there yet, but the final version should be out by the 3rd quarter if my memory is correct. So in the meantime developers are starting to develop for the new 3.x platform and as expected there are bugs, and with each new joomla update released for the 3.x platform more bugs are created. After trying a few Ladder programs on Joomla 2.5 I liked JoomSport the best,  Also At the time of me finally picking a ladder program; only JoomSport was available for the 3.x platform. They also seem to be the most popular and widely use out of the few that are available, which also effected my decision making.


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