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S.I. Chatbot League
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Update time, I’m going camping for a week on the July 7, when I return I plan on running a small test season. I will need at least 2 teams of 3 or more to make sure all bugs are worked out in ladder program, and for studies and discussion on how the league can be improved. If your willing to help : please form your team and have the ~Team Captain~ of that team only E-mail me with info posted below using the “E-mail Donald Nadeau” link under my avatar image.

Team name:
team description: see rules
team logo: (no bigger than 400 x 400px)
all 3 team players names:
all 3 bots names:
all 3 bots web url:
a avatar for each 3 bots (no bigger than 200x200px)


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Due to lack of interest and not a single team for a test season, I feel that people really are not interested in a group/league type chatbot competition at this time. So the S.I. Chatbot League will be not be starting up at this time.

I want to thank those that E-mailed me that showed interest and gave some great suggestions and shared there wisdom.

To the few people that saw the potential fun that this League could of given to so many, Thank you for your interest, and suggestions within this thread. Also fear not for I may just start it up the league at a later date this year.


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