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My Social Network Mundo Janax with my virtual Assistant Laina

Hi, my name is Nícolas and theses months I’ve been interested in bots with AILM because I want to give life to my social network Mundo Janax, this is my personal Project is not like a Facebook but I want to give it some special features, I like research information about something relation with robots and IA, so I’ ve implemented in Social Network with program -o my chatbot “Laina” but I’d like that she can move her mouth like a sitepal!  I could record some important part that she can guide you through the social network so my question is: Where can I find a flash o fla like a sitepal that can move her mouth and read the text of my program-O? I saw different websites with talking avatars text to speech and I guess that they use a .fla in common! can you give me a help please?
It could be fascinating if my carácter laina can read the answer. For my Motion Portrait is the best website about talking avatar , I guess is more sophisticated than sitepal  I invit you to my social network and check my virtual assistant Laina you are wellcome I’d like some tips for improve my bot in special that she talk the answer how I said before.
Well i forward to hearing from your comments, thanks!


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I don’t think such a fla is available. I have been looking for something similar for years and almost made my own, as the Sitepal costs are ridiculously prohibitive. $250 a month is crazy!


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thanks for mentioning MotionPortrait!! I’ve just added a link on our home page (under ‘avatars’) and created a separate thread to get feedback for this tool


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