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Joke generating bot
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I put this down last year after getting the framework in place.  Hope to get some time to finish it up…  any suggestions on how to proceed?

Begin with a word:

original_word: computation
original_word (singular): computation

Get metaphones for rhyming, uses Arpabet first, falls back to PHP metaphone:

metaphoneLookup for: computation
metaphones: K AA2 M P Y AH0 T EY1 SH AH0 N

Find rhyming words by adding the syllables together, starting with last:
(Use first array with at least 3 words)

syllable_arr[‘lookup_word’]: computation
Number of arrays of rhyming word: 10
matchwords_arr[0] count: 0
matchwords_arr[1] count: 0
matchwords_arr[2] count: 2
matchwords_arr[3] count: 3
three or more in arr, use matchwords_arr[3] as array, count: 3

Find definitions and related for original and rhyming word(s):

Start wordnik
>extrapolation<>idea<>transposition<>conversion<>estimation<>derived function<>mathematical process<>interpolation<>estimate<>integral<
original_word: computation
word_related: integral
rhymword: imputation
rhyme_related: finger-pointing
wordnik_def: The act or process of computing.
wordnik_example: I like the term computation expressions - it is the same thing as monads in Haskell or workflows in F#.
wordnik_example_reduced: term computation expressions monads haskell workflows #
End wordnik

Head over to Wikipedia for additional definition and any images:

Found item: Computation
Found description: Computation is any type of calculation or use of computing technology in information processing. Computation is a process following a well-defined model understood and expressed as, for example, an algorithm, or a protocol.
Raw Image string: [none found]
final Image string: [NA]

Get full text for deconvolution:

wiki_text: Computation is any type of calculation or use of computing technology in information processing Computation is a process following a well defined model understood and expressed as for example an algorithm or a protocol Computational complexity theory is a branch of the theory of computation in theoretical computer science and mathematics that focuses on classifying computational problems according to their inherent difficulty and relating those classes to each other…

Do a ‘stopword’ removal:

wiki_text_reduced: computation type calculation computing technology processing process defined model understood expressed example algorithm protocol computational complexity theory branch theoretical computer science mathematics focuses classifying problems inherent difficulty relating classes…

I have not used this part very effectively yet (Wordnet Part-Of-Speech Tagger (POS Tagger)), added last year just before I put this project down:

When I figure out how to use POS effectively, I think the machine will in fact be able to “compute” some much more interesting output for any input word. Currently uses POS just to place words in a somewhat “poetic” manner (position of nouns, adj before verb, etc).

noun match: Computation-
noun match: type- singular or mass noun
noun match: calculation- singular or mass noun
verb match: use- verb, base for
verb match: computing- verb, present participle/gerund
noun match: technology-
noun match: information-
noun match: processing.- singular or mass noun
noun match: Computation-
noun match: process-
verb match: following- verb, present participle/gerund
noun match: well-defined- singular or mass noun
noun match: model- singular or mass noun
verb match: understood- verb, past participle
verb match: expressed- verb, past tense
noun match: as,- singular or mass noun
noun match: example,- singular or mass noun
noun match: algorithm,- singular or mass noun
noun match: protocol. - singular or mass noun
count of wiki noun words arr: 13
count of wiki proper noun words arr: 1
count of wiki adjective words arr: 0
count of wiki verb words arr: 1
count of wiki words arr: 70

Try to create verses:
(using syllable count for metering and inserting rhyming/related words)

poem words: 13
metaphoneLookup for: calculation
metaphoneLookup for: Computation
metaphoneLookup for: anonymously
metaphoneLookup for: pride
metaphoneLookup for: fusing
metaphoneLookup for: cruel
metaphoneLookup for: null
metaphoneLookup for: process
metaphoneLookup for: slight
metaphoneLookup for: overclocking
metaphoneLookup for: type
metaphoneLookup for: is
metaphoneLookup for: Computation

Run through some methods of generating verse:

What do you call a finger-pointing integral?
A imputation computation?


What do you get when you cross integral with a finger-pointing?
A computation imputation?


integral like computation
As finger-pointing like imputation
integral is Computation imputation?

calculation Computation
pride fusing cruel null
slight overclocking type is


computation only allow integral close imputation
blue imputation sit just finger-pointing computation
here computation local imputation include
else social imputation kill finger-pointing imputation

To ere social computation
To ere else kill
But social computation
But of computation else social

In social else kill
Wonder social else kill wise computation
Contained social computation in kill
Forstall , social social



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