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Prize pot of Funniest Computer Ever now at $700 for 2013

It’s not too late to enter your comedy bot into the Funniest Computer Ever 2013 competition.  We just got a very generous donation to the prize pot from Darian Jenik, and there are still 22 days till the October 1st deadline.  Full details at:

and perhaps with a bit of comedy begging and pleading we could even extend that deadline grin There are currently 6 entrants I believe so there’s still a good chance to win with the right comedy bot.



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thanks Sam. Just tweeted about it! Lots of success!!!


  [ # 2 ]

thanks Erwin, much appreciated!  Fingers crossed for lots of laughs this year grin


  [ # 3 ]

Did you know I will be a laughter yoga teacher as well??? Attending a training this weekend!!! Still human humor however grin


  [ # 4 ]

cool - maybe you can make a laughter yoga robot?  We want to make the contest go all robot some time in the next few years ...


  [ # 5 ]

this is a simple version:

What is correct translation for ‘lachzak’ in English?


  [ # 6 ]

Just got done training Elizabot to tell jokes. Here is how it works: After you ask Elizabot for a joke, she should respond with a joke, and then when you click that joke, she should reveal the punchline. 

Problem is, there has been almost no testing these brand new joke telling subroutines so far.  Would anyone reading this, be generous enough to ask Elizabot for a joke like,“Tell me a joke.” or “Tell me a joke about a {FILL-IN-YOUR-TOPIC-HERE}.” or “Do you know any about {FILL-IN-YOUR-TOPICS-HERE}?”, and so on, at


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Thank you ALL so much for testing!  It was really very helpful.  For example, based on your feedback, support for “Tell me a {FILL-IN-YOUR-TOPIC} joke” or just “Tell {FILL-IN-YOUR-TOPIC} joke” has been improved.


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I don’t know if anyone has noticed the results but it is blow your own trumpet time again wink

Yay me!

Well done to all the other entrants and the organisers of the contest. It was fun as always.


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Congratulations to the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd, the 3rd… and the 3rd place winner!

Nice to see Elizabeth Perreau (Program-O) join the Funniest Computer Ever contest.

AIML is making one heck of a comeback this year in the chatbot contests.

Also nice to see ... A shutout ... The UK takes first, second and third place!


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Congrats Steve, I am looking forward to the transcripts.


  [ # 11 ]

Thanks guys.

There is an unofficial link to the transcripts here:


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I think I missed this one. Anyway congrats Steve.


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Nice contest, congratulations. The judges did well to try and provoke jokes, but from the length of the transcripts, 5 minute rounds seem a bit on the short side. Mitsuku responded quite well from the start.


  [ # 14 ]

Rumour has it, that next year the Funniest Computer Ever contest is going to get more challenging.

The Funniest Computer Ever contest judge may ask the chatbot something like, “I just wondered, ehm, by any chance, eh, I mean obviously not because you wouldn’t like to say, eh, anything that may result in amusement or laughter correspondingly dealing with,  fantastic, eh, I was gonna say, wait a minute, I can not seem to, but give me a minute to call home, “Hi Mum, what joke was that you told me? OK, Yes! I know I am down to my last pair of knickers, Luv you too Mum, Gotta go.” OK, I’m back, about Nappies?”


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