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Program-ab in French


I’m using program-ab to make my bot, in french. So, do I need the files in config, maps and sets, because it’s all in english.
Could I delete these directory ? Or only the files in them ?
Or do I have to translate them, or keep them even if I don’t use them ?

And is it possible to modify the default sentence “I have no answer for that” ?
I use the Ab.jar in a Java applet.

Thanks wink



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I can’t answer all of your questions with any real authority (or the last one at all, I’m afraid), but I would like to suggest that the best way to deal with the set, map and config files would be to translate them into French for your implementation, as it would make things a lot easier in the long run, and could provide a valuable resource to others in the future, should you choose to share them. smile


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Ok. I’ll think to translate a part of them, perhaps, because, it’s a long time job for me.
And, of course, the translations will be shared wink


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If you put them somewhere suitable for shared editing (google docs, for example) I’m happy to help.


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Thanks for the proposition wink
I’ll be happy to have some help.


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I’ve put the files in config, maps and sets on my google doc account, and I just start to translate some of them.

If someone wants to participate, ask me to share the doc (even if I don’t know how to do that wink


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Hi I too am trying to build my bot in French I would like to know how to get there, I took the existing AIML files on the internet and I translated, but I do not understand the maps and sets and their elation with fichirs AIML ??!


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