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pbm with Program O


I’ve just tryed Program 0 and I’ve got a pbm after the message Installation complete.

The link to the admin page seems wrong. And if I put the adress in the adress bar, it’s not working…

Install on LAMP.

Tryed it because the lib of Program ab needs to be modify if we want to use it on an applet. It must use InputStream instead of file, because this generate error of file permissions on the server…
Spent hours to create a bot with it, and it seems it’s dead now…


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For your install of Program O, what do you mean by the link to the admin page “seems wrong”? Can you explain a little?

As for Program AB, have you tried to alter the file permissions for the folders and files that Program AB uses?


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For Program O, if I click on the admin link on the page Installation complete, I have a 404 error. I can’t have another page until the Installation complete.

For Program AB, yes, of course permissions are good on the folder and files.
Someone says that we must use :

Inputstream is = new URL(getCodebase(),”../path/to/filel.txt”).openStream();

instead of :

Inputstream is = new FileInputstream”../path/to/file.txt”);

I’m trying to modify the source of Ab.jar, but I am not good enought.


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For Program O, can you please post an example URL without the http part? (e.g

I don’t know enough about java to assist further with Program AB, I’m afraid.


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This is the url I have after Installation complete :

And I have a 404 error.

I’ve just tryed again, and when I click on save, I return on the page of the installation, witch is empty.

I abandon, I can’t past to much time on this, I’ll tryed something else.

And for program ab, I haven’t the competences for adapt it.


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Try and see if that gets you to the admin login. If not, then we’ll have to dig a bit deeper.


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I have a 404 error with this url :


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What about ?


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It’s my local LAMP installation.


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What I meant was, does that URL show the chatbot interface?

If not, then we need to discover the exact folder where Program O was installed.


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No, all I have after the Installation complete page is an error 404, or a return on an empty installation page.


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Then something isn’t right with the install. Given that you’re running a LAMP stack (which I have no experience with), I can’t begin to guess what the actual problem is. I’ll have to create a VM with your OS (or as close to it as I can come) on it, and then install LAMP, then Program O, so I can see that the directory structure of the server is. Then I can perhaps give some useful information.

Oh, that means that I need to know what OS you’re running, too, if you don’t mind sharing the information.


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No pbm, I’m using Mageia Gnu Linux. I think thaht my LAMP system is ok because I have some other programs that runs correctly on it.

But, it’s not very important for me, it’s just for try program O, so, don’t lost too much time on this just for me wink


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Not to burst your bubble, but I’m not just doing this for you. There may be others in the future who will have a similar problem, who may benefit from this discussion. raspberry


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Yes, of courses wink

If I have the time, I’ll tryed on a real server (on my domain name) for test if I have the same problem.

Perhaps my LAMP installation is not correct.


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I’m just trying Program-O on my domain name and… It’s working fine wink
Surelly there’s a problem on my LAMP installation, iven if others programs works fine on it.

I upload some of my AIML files, test it a little, all seems ok. Good program wink

We could have only one active bot at a time, isn’t it ? Could access it from an other domain name ?


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