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pbm with Program O
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You can have as many active chatbots as you wish, but each individual interface (web page) can only access one chatbot at a time unless you create a custom interface that allows for changing the bot’s ID.


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Ok, very good wink
And I suppose that a bot can respond at several visitors at the same time ?

Do we need one installation for one web site, or can we make an installation on one web server, and just access to it via several web sites juste with the individual interface of each bot (after modifyed the bot ID on it, and perhaps some variables or URL) ?

The bot ID is defined here, in program-O/gui/plain/index.php ?
$bot_id = (!empty($form_vars[‘bot_id’])) ? $form_vars[‘bot_id’] : 1;

I’m trying to understand how Program-O works and what we can do with it. It seems very good wink
But it’s very different of Program-ab, and, at the beginning, I didn’t want a database.


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You’re aware, I assume, that a folder full of AIML files constitutes a database? Also, bear in mind that Program AB (or any other AIML interpreter that “loads” AIML files on initialization, for that matter) create an INTERNAL database that it uses for selecting the correct response. If it didn’t, it would have to search through every single AIML file for the correct response, EVERY TIME A USER SENT IN AN INPUT. This is terribly inefficient, and would cause performance issues. To my way of thinking, even the process of loading all of the AIML files during the initialization process is inefficient, since it’s got to be done every time you fire up the program. Far better to use a database, and have all of the information available virtually immediately. wink

You can use one install of Program O, and access it from several web pages, all at the same time. The interface pages don’t even have to be on the same server if everything is configured correctly. smile


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Yes, I know that, of course a database is more efficient. That I would say is that I wouldn’t, at the beginning, a program with an external database (in MYSQL for exemple), but an internal database like Program-ab.

It’s perfect, if Program-O can be install on one server, and be accessed from other web site on other server. Now, I have to find how we can do that wink

Perhaps that, finally, I prefered Program-O wink
If I’ll use it for my project, I think that it’ll be a good thing that I translated the interface in French.

Thanks for all of these precisions wink


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