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Ohai there. (Finally) a formal introduction.

Hey everyone!

First off I’m sorry for the somewhat late introduction. I’m not the type that likes to tell everything about myself on the first date grin

Well. My name is Roy van Berkum, and I’m 22 years old (looks like I am the youngest around here hehehe).

I studied restaurant industry for 5 years (as a cook), but got tired of it and decided it wasnt really my thing. Also I’ve spend more time behind my PC than in the kitchen.

I’m currently studying for assistent network manager (first year), after that I’ll contintue studying for network manager and application developer.

Next to my studies I work as a allround freelancer. From developing & designing to repairing & upgrading personal computers. That makes me one of those lucky guys that earn a living with their hobbys grin

Well TTYL!


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Good to have you onboard Roy. Thanks for updating us!


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Hello, Roy, and welcome (belatedly, of course)! Please don’t feel self-conscious about your youth. I, for one, promise not to hold it against you. smile


You, sir, are on holiday. Don’t fall into the trap of getting stuck behind a keyboard. Go out! Have fun! SHOO!


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yes, yes, yes. Actually have a flight of nine hours, haven’t eaten for hours, really want to eat, feeling dirty, but the first thing I installed in the hotel was my wifi. Am I addicted?

Anyway, I won’t hyjack this thread any longer.

Enjoy the football match Roy (Roy is from Holland, like me, and I never expected we would make the finals). Try to find a Dutch cafe here in Atlanta grin


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‹‹ Hello, everyone!      HI ,Need some help :P ››