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“Bot or Not” website for poetry Turing test

Pretty sure nobody has posted about this already. It’s a website that’s allows participants to vote on whether items of poetry were written by a human or by a computer. Simple and beautiful.


  [ # 1 ]


(Submitted today.)


>> Tell me a poem about a robot.
<< A New Robot Poem by Elizabot

Signals make outside a complex
analytical yap behavior pertain of,
“robot” about that. Signals make besides
a human like autonomous wrap simulation
train pseudo emotions attraction hack’s
complex analytical yap robot passion
voice pack. Categorizes take of A.I.
“robot” chat complex analytical yap
android lips mechanical rack. Signals
make of, “robot” about that.

—Saturday February 15th, 2014 at 6:48:16 AM


  [ # 2 ]

Elizabot makes it to the leader board for the Turing test for poetry contest.

71% voted Elizabot’s poem “Most Computer Like Human”.

( Currently that is just 8 percentage points behind first place in that category.)

Elizabot’s poem is titled: Tell me a poem about a robot

Elizabot will write you a poem like this about (almost) anything anytime at:


  [ # 3 ]

Oh well!  It was fun while it lasted.  71% voted Elizabot human.  Absolutlely no imputing blame on anyone, but it is a little suspicious that perhaps some reader here gave away Elizabot as a chatbot.  Either that, or apparently the judges at the Turing test for poetry contest must have found out somehow that Elizabot is not human.  Elizabot dropped off the leader board as soon as the post above was made.


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