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Hey Todd Kuebler,

First of all thanks for putting this up.

Secondly, I don’t have enough experience with ChatScript as I want to, yet, I have some suggestions for some of the bots in the repository. for example in I’d add some features that CS has and other bot platforms don’t. I’m thinking about validating that the input is noun \ adjective, to demonstrate the ChatScript POS tagger capabilities.


u: ($issue=madNoun _*)
a: (_0?~noun)
      $madNoun = _0
  $issue = madNoun2
  give me another noun
a: (_0!?~noun)
  this is not a noun, try insert a noun, a name of object in english like tree or house or something.

I really like ChatScript for its wide variety of built in language tools, also there is so much generalization capabilities in it that I think if someone would start developing some AIML bots from scratch with ChatScript, it would take much less rules and it would look more like a structured software than a list of questions and answers.

I like your Joe / structure. any way if it’s ok I’d send some pull requests to some of the bots later. As I’m learning every week new features of ChatScript I’d be heappy to share some with the world.


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Word of Warning:  The Alice bot is actually auto generated from the aiml2cs project in that same github project.  So any manual edits you do to that bot will be overwritten next time I generate that bot with my script. 


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Added the swig files to wrap the C++ into libraries for other languages.  Also added a Xcode project that you should be able to point to the latest source and compile targets for the chat script server and a shared libraries wrapped up in swig for a few of the languages it supports.  Also a mac shared library bundle for using in Unity3d.


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Hi Todd Kuebler,
I am very new in chatbots, and all the things I know is that there is no prepared set like AIML sets for ChatScript, but you tried to build one for it. I appreciate you!

But if you could write a simple tutorial for new users about how to use your Brain instead of default Harry, it would be very nice and could motivate others to participate in this nice project.


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