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Intelligent Assistant Awards 2014

Intelligent Assistants Conference 2014
September 16, 2014
San Francisco
Presented by

Intelligent Assistant Awards 2014 - How to Enter


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too early for us, hopefully next year.
Nice link though.


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I entered two days ago, but have yet to receive a confirmation.  A Customer Service chatbot… I would think should be a fairly limited domain?  Customer Service representatives stick to a script, don’t they?  So, even if building a Customer Service chatbot from scratch becomes necessary, that should be interesting and funny.


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I entered Skynet-AI into the Intelligent Assistant Awards Competition.

To better represent what an Intelligent Assistant could do, I populated a small knowledge base about the conference. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time that a conference has had an IA/AI created to support it. It will be interesting to see if any of the attendees make use of Skynet-AI’s capabilities.

The Intelligent Assistants Conference 2014 starts Tuesday, September 16, 2014 in San Francisco.


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I just wondered how the “Intelligent Assistants Conference 2014” went. Did any one go or know about it?

“September 16, 2014, San Francisco, Presented by”



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It looks like the focus was on enterprise customer service (a very narrow view of what an Intelligent Assistant might be).

“Intelligent Assistants Awards,” showcasing achievements that demonstrate a proven business value to enterprises and deliver innovative, superior customer experiences.

I did not go. But, I am a disappointed in the Intelligent Assistant Awards Competition.
Not an email, or a query to Skynet-AI from any of the organizers or participants. Even after I informed them that I loaded a knowledge base tailored to the conference. I had put in some nice state-of-the-art features that I believe would have opened the eyes of what an Intelligent Assistant could be.

Almost seems like they had picked their “award winners” before they started the competition. Dominos, Hyatt, and Sargent Star (Army), won. I would also be interested in feedback from anyone who attended about why these won and how the selections were made.

The presenters included:
John Romano, Director of Performance & Planning, Hyatt
This was a call center focused app where the intelligent assistant is supported by InterAtions voice technology.
The Interactions’ Virtual Assistant system was implemented at Hyatt’s North American Service Centers to drive seamless guest experience through the collection of several pieces of guest information before transitioning the guest to a Hyatt associate to assist with the customer’s reservations. The Virtual Assistant makes the transition from automated to live caller as seamless as possible, therefore allowing the Hyatt associate to have upfront information about the guest’s needs, which immediately and efficiently allows the associate to focus on a solution.

Dennis Malony, VP, Multimedia Marketing, Domino’s
Phone app powered by Nuance voice recognition. Lets you order pizza.

NextIT (Sargent Star), was a sponsor of the conference.
In 2006, the U.S. Army contracted with Next IT to create Ask SGT STAR, a virtual guide to U.S. Army life that engages potential recruits online, answering questions about enlistment, jobs, the ROTC, training, the U.S. Army Reserve and more. To date, SGT STAR has answered over 14 million questions in 3.5 million sessions and now averages 4,000 questions per day.
Only 3% of questions asked to SGT STAR resulted in a live chat session.

As I recall, less than 1000 responses cover all of Sargent Star’s responses.




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