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New Annual Contest with $25000 First Prize
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Ok, I crossed the 65% threshold and did about as much as I could with simple rules.
I guess it is time to put the code away for a couple of years.

StartTue Aug 02 15:31:12 2016
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Tue Aug 02 15:31:14 2016

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Merlin - Aug 2, 2016:

...I guess it is time to put the code away for a couple of years.

Um… Put the code… Are you serious here? Keep at it, Merlin! Get that 66.67% score up to 85% or higher! you can do it, Mate! I KNOW you can! :D


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Yes but by then, it will likely be the old two steps forward and slide back 3 (or more) say nothing of how the rules might evolve by then.

The committee reserves the right to make, modify, shuffle, bend, exchange, eliminate or add to the current list of rules, which might not necessarily be the same list at the time of the actual contest, unless said list was felt to be too simple, in which case any of the above mentioned methods can and will be employed to effect a suitable change in said listing.

or something like that.


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I’m agree. Next Winograd Schema Challenge will take place without me.


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Personally I wouldn’t even bet on there being a contest in 2018. Maybe in 5 years, when some actual progress has been made. I will need to see a much more professional act of the organisation before I enter again, and a bigger prize, and a first round of entirely Winograd schemas.

The only thing I learned from this test is that I need to add a pronoun rule for comparisons, using syntax, not common sense.


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