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CS4.6 can talk w/o waiting for user

CS now supports timer callbacks that allow a bot (web or stand-alone or loebner) to spontaneously talk to the user even if the user has not put in input.  (Thanks to Dave Morton for javascript code to support timers).


  [ # 1 ]

that’s a nice feature!!!

Wouldn’t it be nice to listen to the microphone as well? As soon as the chatbot hears the Beatles he says: ‘yeah, let it be’. ... grin


  [ # 2 ]

Well, if you can write the code that uses the microphone and determines what song is playing into it, I could consider integrating it with chatscript.  smile


  [ # 3 ]

o, that’s all. I’ll fix it right away grin. Hold on! grin


  [ # 4 ]

Does CS support Javascript?


  [ # 5 ]

CS itself does not, though you could output js if you want (it’s just text after all). I am using a webpage in JS around data shipped to and from a CS server.


  [ # 6 ]

Music recognition is actually a real thing:

Nice feature though, makes for better company.


  [ # 7 ]

Indeed. Shazam has been around for a while and was extremely useful when I used to enter pub quizzes where they would play music and ask you to identify the track. smile


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