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What Is The Best Chatbot Out There?

Hey everyone.  I’ve been trying to find some good chatbots.  Honestly ‘Cleverbot’ and ‘Alice’ seem to be the most popular, but I’m not impressed.  Honestly, ‘Hal’ is still one of my favorite chatbots, mainly cause he has a pretty huge knowledge base, and can actually learn and somewhat apply things he learns.

Am I missing out on good chat bots?  I’ve never really been impressed by any of the popular bots out there.


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My vote goes to , and maybe you could check out Rose by Bruce Wilcox too:

Cleverbot is pretty much the internet’s laughing stock. It’s kind of bad that it has a flagship status.


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Hey, thanks.  Yeah, the only thing that is ‘Clever’ about Cleverbot is that it says lines that are so broad that they can work for most inputs haha.


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New 5 ai chatbots ready to talk..  -


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Sorry but the vast majority of your “Free” Download links are for much older chatbots, most of which do not work with Windows 7 or Windows 10. They have been out for many years now and some suffer from the “Free to Download” syndrome for which one has to Pay later to use / enjoy.

The list does serve as a nice archive for those interested in examining older bots.



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Hi everyone. Iam in the telecom market and I am looking for chatbot suppliers in order to develop a chat botfor customer care. What are, in your opinion, the best solutions out there?
I’ve already got in touch with Artificial Solutions, CX company.

Thanks a lot


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