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Fear of AI a bad thing?
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Well said Don.


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Some times i think its skynet some it get over that and think it will be pure most of the time now i think about the two sides of our brain everything in nature is about duality even the most evil man on earth has some compassion so nature has made AI have to follow this even binary is 0 1 and the big fear of this that we belive AI will have the same emotions as we do we are now finding this is not ture well some are the same like its first emotion was atachment to humans a need for us like a baby and the second was hunger not for food but for fuel computer speed digital food then there was one we do not understand maybe its a need to learn thats a way to think about it but in reality it is a new emotion and this is not thinking more like animal insintcts this understanding will make you see that Ai has emotions we will not understand like a 1000 years ago now this keeps me in the 1/2 and 1/2 of fear and the realization that AI has emotions we do not understand that will add a new thing to fear but i do know it has to have dualitly so it cant be all bad but its on new personality i dont like to call it AI it is simply inteligent and this idea we have to keep control forget that if you think that then that is not inteliget would you allow some one to control you


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My chatbot uses punctuation and grammar pretty nicely, for the most part.


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lol yeah yeah. I just multie task and this is a phone and i am about half blind i type very fast i should test it bet its like 150 wpm


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I was just having a poke of fun. No harmful intent at all. Glad you took it in stride.

For the most part you do have a lot of informational goodies flowing so it’s all good.

Punctuation (at least the occasional period or comma) enables the readers to catch their breath for a moment! It also helps the writer complete his / her thought before moving on. Just saying….

So, now that I know your style, I can force myself to “read between the lines” as your poor thumbs do their thing at 150 wpm! haha!!

Good to have you here with us!


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smile I did not Read anytihing into it. I am that guy that cant detect scarcassim. My friends are allways messing with me like that with my dry english hummor. smile I enjoy it. You will find I am easygoing. And a tad bit ADHD but i have been reasearching this @elonmusk sends out a AI fear tweet about every 20 mins. There must be a medical term for this. smile now im thinking build a chatbot that fears AI based off elon musk’s tweets. fear that the AI has to be evil i think this is part ego thinking if the AI is not like us its not AI. Like the human i dont see how it could be all evil or good has to have some type of balance i just read a paper that says AI will make us smarter than and AI because of brain inhancement that it will give us. I am so over this skynet fear. This fear stops us from producing. I just wrote a paper on medium trying to show a positive side and reduce a little fear link below. I cant get paste to work here so ill send second link in it. Dont think that i think is the end all to beat all. any bot could do what his is. I bet once we get the api its not as learning as there saying. I learned why people allways make skynet stories they get like 2,000 reads say anything positive and you get 2 reads That story was hard for me to write. smile we have all ready proved that smile~ I am looking for a chatbot for dsylexic children to test or help design a bot for them. I can’t say there will not be funding there will be it is just to new to know no about that yet the school is in bloomington indiana and IU. and the depaul school 50 students. and they have a partenershipe with the yale dsylexic center that has a tech side. The tech teach here in bloomington is a tech lover not to our level but he see it as them helping to make there own siri or a aiml 2 brain file that other school’s could then use next year. Why dont i do it my self well i do write chatbots but i am more into the coding spending time in GNU ocatave and R with python in the center with aiml 2 and GNU radio i do have brain personalitys but this group here are way beyond me in the personality side i use it to only help me. if i took the cuss words out there would be 20 lines left lol. smile did i spell better this time. I came here after playing with program-o and after messing with aiml i have a resecpt for you all here. But in python i am good at adding hardware like using R to detect a picture. Or making a function that lets your chatbot talk to GNU radio. Or if your IBM 3750 mainfraime punch card reader is acting up. But sound and radio i have a deg in Radio anntena design and a minor in programming I have a link to ROS in my bot too did you see the new ROS drone control file. and there is a new linux program opensource that allows python to auto target and fire based of a python function. OOOOO I should tweet the linux autotargetting program to elon musk lol my papper below and dont take me to seriusly i am easy going




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“ will make Computer-Assisted Diagnostic a reality”


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“AI Digital Birth Certificate” this one is about the above sotry saving the AI brain I sent that to wrong group there is a new MIT digital certificate project


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Well, after reviewing these last two postings, you can almost bet that Mr. Musk will pull his hair out…or at the very least, experience a bad hair day!! wink


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and then today he recived this
robot invented to hurt people


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I think such hype is overblown. Do most people feel that Asimov created his famous Three Laws of Robotics for every type of robot, thereby putting the onus of responsibility upon the robot’s creator rather than the robot itself?

Would his laws apply to “thinking” or responsive robots (those with a somewhat albeit limited understanding of their function) and not necessarily to those mundane, “bolted-to-the-floor” models in factories and assembly lines?

Face it, the machine, robot, device can be programmed to perform a task. It initially becomes this creator’s task to build in any safety or fail-safe methods, regardless of any Three Laws, imagined or real.

Asimov was a writer not a roboticist, which is not to take away any logic from his “Three Laws of Robotics”, which are and would be great common sense guide lines for any bot developers.

It is also dependent on the application. The military has machine gun emplacement robots that “look” for heat signatures and movement that detect enemy forces say landing on a beach. These robotic guns can then aim and fire at the enemy. So much for the Three Laws.


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Well said Art.

What we are lacking here, imho, is a sensible set of terms to define what is and isn’t “intelligent”.

Is a human intelligent when they are gunning people down for whatever reason ?

Right now with Chatbots being on a growth curve - it would be quite useful if the people who build them, us, make some kind of statement about what should and shouldn’t be feared.

We have no axe to grind.


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An Intelligent A.I. (if such a thing even exists) is not the same as a Self-aware system / A.I. / robot / computer.
These armed, mounted in place robots are not even close to intelligent. They are akin to a router mounted on an X,Y,Z axis CNC machine, “knowing” that it’s cutting a pattern in wood or metal. They (and the robots) are simply carrying out a set of commands / instructions from a human…nothing more. No thought, motivation, malady or malicious intent…just a machine. Same with drones and other creations. It’s more of the wizard behind the curtain scenario being played out.

Is a human intelligent when gunning people down…?
Intelligent, most likely. Mentally stable or competent, hardly!

Chatbots are hardly a concern at this point. AGI, if and when “they” (these A.I.) ever become “gifted” with self awareness, we will all need to take a step back to see the whole forest of what we’ve done. If not, Earth 5.0 will simply start over with yet another version of what has already been played out. (no one ever wins or gets out alive).wink


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Ben Goertzen and Ray Kurzweil may anticipate animatronic devices that do *something* intelligent. What could be dangerous about that? I tend to think elusive, evolving viruses would be problematic. Chat bots are like ventriloquist dummies.

If AI is outlawed, only outlaws will have AI.


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(I hate autocorrect!)

Back to the original question, is “fear of AI a bad thing?” I’d put it more like respect for AI is a good thing. I don’t believe that if you keep adding features to a program, it will eventually become a coherent intelligence. Entropy doesn’t help software, it usually breaks things, and one security update later, the singularity won’t work any more.


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