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Fear of AI a bad thing?
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I think that would depend on how well it is able to learn and use the newly acquired knowledge.

Hopefully this will take many more years to come to fruition…hopefully that is….


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I’d like to rephrase something. I actually do think that a form of intelligence can be built one aspect at a time. I just don’t think it’ll happen by accident or by some surprising reaction between data sources. It is more likely that someone will write a security update that is self modifying, detection evading, and platform independent and that will lead to an unexpected loss of control of the Internet. It will probably occur in a Flash update.


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Robby Garner - Jul 17, 2016:

...a security update that is self modifying, detection evading, ...

Hmmm… Sounds a bit like a virus to me. raspberry

It’s good to see you again, Robbie! It’s been too long.

Seriously, though, it’s simply Human nature and/or instinct to fear what we don’t understand; aand while this has kept the human race alive in the past, and has I’m sure helped us to grow and “evolve” (sorry, creationists. I know that’s a bad word in some circles), it’s also held us back more often than not. I believe that the best way to avoid this fear of what we don’t yet understand is education. Don’t fear the unknown! Learn about/from it! the Terminator is only one possible future. Bicentennial Man or Commander Data are others. It’s up to us (Humans in general, and the AI community specifically) to choose the path. Figuring the right one is the tricky part. cheese


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Thanks Dave, t’s good to be here. You’re right that I was talking about a virus masquerading as a “security update.” It’s been done before, but I think the Flash update is one of the most ubiquitous ones that most people don’t think anything about installing, giving permission to install, etc. It was just an example, but is the sort of thing that I think is more likely to happen as a calamity.


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Very true guys and quite likely to happen as well.

Complacency by some opens the doors of opportunity for others.

Think about all our “smart phone” apps that constantly need to be Updated for whatever reason.
Why would Tic-Tac-Toe ever need to be updated? Hmm…now scratching head…



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Hi everyone,
I really think that the AI is here to help us and not to substitute us. But it is true that if someone have bad objectives in the future, and not near future, could do something bad. And I say someone because the AI in its beginning it was a collective advance, but now are the different companies and developers who are writing the advanced of the AI.
In my opinion the capacity from learning of the machines is the point that we will have to put some serious limits because if we do not put their limits, Ok it would be a point of inflection.
The capacity of learning of the machines is one of the most characteristic point that define the AI, but also this point do us think about the limits of the AI and if they, hypothetically, one day will turn again us.

I would like to make you a question that we can discuss it if you want,:

Are you agree with the hypothetically situation where the AI machines control the world over us because they are more efficiency, have more knowledge and make less errors? Ever saying that they have learn almost all about the human feelings and can understood the people’s sense.


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If there is a scenario that AI started thinking like a Human, Then The human can be manipulated easily by the AI bots. That is the only thing bots can’t gain from the human


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Ziya Pathan - Jan 4, 2017:

If there is a scenario that AI started thinking like a Human, Then The human can be manipulated easily by the AI bots. That is the only thing bots can’t gain from the human

When humans cannot be discerned from bots (as in the above-quoted near non-sensical text), is that a bad thing?


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First, Welcome Ziya!!

Just take a look (watch) at the two series’, West World and HUM∀NS, where one is hardly able to discern the difference between the “Hosts” or “Synths”. (humanoid creations).

If the A.I. in these beings is able to understand human methods, insights and thinking in general, it would certainly be able to lay traps for us by being every bit as crafty as humans.

In this manner of thinking, humans could be easily manipulated…especially once the “bots” grasp the applied usage of Greed, Jealousy, Lust and several others against humans.

Just my $.02


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Art, you forgot Blade Runner, and it’s take on AI, the Replicants. raspberry cheese


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Ah yes, Bladerunner. Even though I didn’t mention it due to it not being a “current flavor of AI” (can we say 35 years ago?), it remains one of my favorite movies.

Those other, more current ones I mentioned were actually TV Series productions and not a single movie. In that vein, one gets to see how the A.I. develops and unfolds over time.

All good material, none-the-less.

Thanks Dave!


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Well, we should fear of Artificial Intelligence, because it will change people in work. That is for sure. It could be even worse. Robotics nowadays became impressive. Who knows what will be out there in 30 years


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A short documentary video covering the fear of A.I.

There is a transcript of the voice synthesis there.


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