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You know you need a break from ‘chat bots’ when…

I’m in Sunday school class this morning reading a familiar Christmas story. The teacher is elaborating upon the cultural and historical background, key characters, Roman stuff, etc.

Meanwhile, I’m reading through the verses over and over again - “Parsing” the passage.

I mean I’m looking at grammar and the writing style. I find myself looking for emotion words, words related to time…wondering ‘how’ a program might parse through the passage and identify the key topic(s), key players, feelings, and other things.

I’m thinking ‘what questions might the bot produce?’ in order to clarify it’s understanding of the story. How does it ‘surf’ wikipedia to find new information, affirmations, contradictions, etc.

Then the teacher called upon me to read. Of course I was in the wrong book in the Bible because of this ‘thought experiment’. My wife bailed me out as she often does. =)

I probably need a ‘bot-free’ vacation. =)



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I’m thinking more along the lines of a “bot-free” Sunday School class. smile Did you at least take notes, for later?


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I always enjoy reading your posts.  I also, would be guilty as charged in the same situation !  I can’t even read the birthday card my wife bought me without these experiments (but yes, I did appreciate the card itself !).


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Time for a break Chuck! Time for a few days of holidays.

Where will you go to? What will do?

May I suggest a Portuege Language class ? Always nice to learn something new wink


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