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AIML in a website

Lets say i have a website. Is there a way where i can connect my aiml code with an html input tag so i can make a website that has a fully functional chatbot?

I am very new to this so i have no idea to what to do. I searched in but it didnt give me enough information and it only gave me a 10 days trial which i want to use it wisely.

Can someone explain to me how do you put a chatbot on a website?


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You can use the values from the html form ($_POST) to pass to a program (bot). 

Check out something like Program O, which uses a combination of html, php and mysql to make a chatbot.

Your hosting service will need let you run php and mysql of course.


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is it possible to have program o on a macbook ?


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George Valtas - Feb 18, 2016:

is it possible to have program o on a macbook ?


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Hi George,

Here is a gist that shows how to talk to the Pandorabots API from your browser:

You’ll need to both files on your server. You’ll also need to enter your API credentials (app_id, user_key, botname) in lines 35-40 of pandorabot.html.

A word of warning: I would not suggest talking to the Pandorabots API in this manner. Connecting via a browser will expose your bot and API keys publicly. You’re much better off making requests from your server, to which users may connect via some other type of authentication.


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Hello Daniel, do i need to make an account on for this to work?


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Yes, absolutely. You cannot talk to the API unless you have a valid app_id and user_key (API credentials).


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And the only way to do this is to try the 10 day trial or pay money right ?


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Correct, you need to sign up for a plan to be given the credentials.


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