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Server not available

When I ask a question that requires ( set name=“etc” ) pandorabots shows up a message :

Server Unavailable
Sorry, the server is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

What does that mean? Most of the stuff i do with my bot require “set name” and now it doesnt work anymore.



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Is this on the free server?


  [ # 2 ]

On the playgorund if that helps… i do not know what a free server is


  [ # 3 ]

Could you post an example of a category that causes this error please?


  [ # 4 ]

There are many of them, i just found this first. Sorry if it is quite long or confusing.

pattern>SAVE THIS EMAIL * AS EMAIL *</pattern>
template><think><set name="email-slots"><star index="2"/></set></think>
condition name="email-slots">
li value="1"><think><set name="email-1"><denormalize><star/></denormalize></set></think>Okthe email has been saved in Slot 1.</li>
li value="2">Okthe email has been saved in Slot 2. <think><set name="email-2"><denormalize><star/></denormalize></set></think></li>
li value="3">Okthe email has been saved in Slot 3. <think><set name="email-3"><denormalize><star/></denormalize></set></think></li>
li value="4">Okthe email has been saved in Slot 4. <think><set name="email-4"><denormalize><star/></denormalize></set></think></li>
li value="5">Okthe email has been saved in Slot 5. <think><set name="email-5"><denormalize><star/></denormalize></set></think></li>

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I think it may be the site that’s having problems. I just get a blank page when accessing the playground.
Your category is valid AIML and should work ok.


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Ok thanks, I will just wai then . I only asked this because i thought i was the only one having this problem



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