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Found two more Bugs

Hey Bruce,
is it right to post bugs here or do you want to get them sent via email?
So I know for the case I find more bugs.

Bug 1:

%originalsentence just swallows the word “and” if it is at the beginning of the sentence.

And how are things going?

goes to

how are things going

instead of

and how are things going

as I would expect.

Bug 2:
%more is doing weird things with interjections.
In some cases the boolean will still be “true” at the end of an input.
As far as I can see it depends on the last sign of the next sentence.

hi, how are you?

hi, how are you!

hi, how are you.

are all buggy.


hi, how are you

works just fine.



  [ # 1 ]

%more bug fixed.

%originalsentence seems to work correctly now (did some fixing), check it in new release this weekend


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