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Interview Bot Interface

Hi there!!

Greate software, congrats guys! I have some questions, so i will give it numbers to make it easier to answer.

1. I would like to make a interview bot with nodejs + rivescriptjs. I’m planning to create a boilerplate of chat using angular+nodejs , do we have something already? if not i’m pretending to create a repo in github so others can use.

2. Thinking in this interview bot, is it possible to get the possible answers? Lets say that the bot is expecting to receive Yes or No, so i get this options and i will create in the screen 2 buttons to user choose. When is expecting a text, like a name, i will then let the normal chat to anwser.

3. Is it possoble to get the variables settled in the bot, so i can show in the screen what user has answered until now.

If we do not have some of the features that i asked for, and you know how to achieve this, if you give me the directions i can fork the code and submit a PR.

Thanks guys!


  [ # 1 ]

To achieve question 2, i did a PR:

No will try to solve question 3 (after 2 answere i dont think it would difficult)

But question 1 I need the answer and some guidelines , after that i can starting making the repo.



  [ # 2 ]

I could get varibales from user as well..

So about question 1, i’ve seen some examples as a chat bot.. i will create on future a example for interview bot with options.


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