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Data Visualisation

Hi there!

I’m doing a interview bot and questions will link other questions using > topic and {topic=newtopic}

So considering this information and other that we have on .rive files, we can create a project just to create visualizations based on this brain information.

My first ideia is to create a project using nodejs(express) and angular + d3plus (

The first visualization that i’m pretending to do is a network chart showing how topics are related. Ex.:

Considering that, i have some questions:

1. What you think in general about this project, it worth the work to do it?

2. What other visualizations can we create? (here some examples where we can base on)

3. Would we create that in the aichaos repo ?



  [ # 1 ]

Here is the first version, with network chart working.


  [ # 2 ]

Impressive! I too was thinking that the interactions need/should be visualized. And your spreadsheet idea is interesting. I was trying to visualize the grammar like this:
I want a dog
  to eat

That way the user doesn’t have to keep repeating certain strings… the responses would match the key verb noun phrases.


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