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Looking for Chatscript Open Source Bots ON Github!

First of all Want to Thanks @Bruce Wilcox sir for Creating a really very nice and Good Framework for Chat bots!
I am just a Beginner With Chat Script! want to Study more About Bots created in Chatscript so Looking for them!
So it’s a Request to all, forum Members if u created any Opensource ChatScript Bot.. so plz share in the comment Links! I am Looking for them!
Bharat Sewani


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The purpose of this project is threefold. 

1) Allow people to publish and open source their chatscript bots
2) Provide a AIML -> CS conversion utility
3) Provide a Xcode project to help with compilation on a mac

Enjoy!  I hope you contribute a bot or two to this project!


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Hi Todd,
This is a great project, but it looks like there was no update for 3 years.
Is it abandoned or just moved to a new location?

Any new locations maybe?

Personally, I feel like having such a repository with various interesting examples could be very helpful and could provide some ideas about implementations of various use cases which is not something documentation provides.



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Hi guys

I thought me too that a directory of CS programs could be very useful.

My proposal is to share our works just publishing github repos, exactly as Tood Kebler did.

We could collect this directory (list) on the master CS github repo, e.g. here: Party Tools

In my opinion, also just code chunks examples (instead of complete bots) could be useful (for beginners).

Looking for your thoughts.


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