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Canonical forms of the words doesn’t work in my patterns

I created a new canonical.txt based in the old file. But when I use the canonical words in my patterns it doesn’t work.

The canonial.txt has words in portuguese. I deleted the content of the DICT/ENGLISH folder and I saved the LIVEDATA\SYSTEM\canonical.txt in utf8 format.

In the flag $cs_token I put the CONSTANT #DO_SUBSTITUTE_SYSTEM.

I run :build 0 and :build “myChatBot” and no errors are shown.

The canonical words that I created using the function ^canon are working OK.

Is there something else that I have to do for my canonical words that are in canonical.txt work in my patterns?

Thank you in advanced!


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Without knowing the specifics of what’s contained in DICT/ENGLISH, I would probably guess that there may have been something in that file that is now missing, which may be triggering this issue, but what that might be I have no clue. I’ll have to dig out my copy of the file to do some checking, but as I’m getting ready to go to work I don’t have time to do so now. Perhaps if you haven’t received an answer (or at least a place to start looking) by this evening, I’ll do just that, and see what I can find.


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Thank you Dave. I really don’t know what I have to do for my canonical words work.


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I did notice in your message you spelled it 2 different ways:

You should check to make sure the filename is spelled correctly.


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Thank you Merlin, but unfortunately I just misspelled in the message. The name of the file is correct (canonical.txt).

One thing very interesting is when I use the command “:findwords word*” I can see every word that is associated with it. These words are only in the canonical file, so the chatscript is loaded it. But if a use “:prepare word” I cannot see the canonical form of the word.


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I made some tests and I could realize that the canonical forms of the words only works if the word exist in the dictionary.

If the word does not exist in the dictionary file the word that is within the canonical.txt file does not work.


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