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Redirects inside of replies: Deprecated?

I’m relying on redirects inside of replies for my conversational branching logic. This works well with Python 1.12.3. However, using Javascript 1.14.0 it seems to have died. Check out this example:

This is from the “Or Something” on the tutorial page. Asking “what is my id or something” no longer prints the “or something” reply. Looking at debug, I see this line:

Try to match ” what is my id” against what is my id (what is my id)
Reply: ERR: No Reply Matched

Is this feature deprecated? I’ll have to do some major reprogramming if so…

Thanks!! (PS, the new playground is super cool)


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It’s a bug in the JS version. The space in the {@ <star>} redirect (between the “@” and “<”) isn’t getting removed properly, so the code starts trying to find a match for ” what is my id” against a trigger “what is my id” (with no space in it), and failing.

For now, just remove the space. This is a working version of your example:

I made a bug ticket to remind myself to fix this soon:


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Noah, awesome! I also noticed the extra space in ” what is my id” but wasn’t sure how to resolve. This is a critical feature and I’m so happy it’s a solvable problem.

Big time thank you for the quick reply!


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