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RiveScript Playground - Develop, test, debug and share RiveScript snippets

Inspired by web apps such as the Go Playground and JS Fiddle, today I made a web app for playing around with RiveScript in your web browser.

Check it out here:

It uses the JavaScript version of RiveScript and it runs in your web browser, similar to the Try Online page of RiveScript’s website—but unlike that page, this gives you better access to debugging tools (can enable/disable debug mode and don’t need to use your browser’s developer console to do it!), and toggles to control UTF-8 mode and use replyAsync(), etc.

Most importantly, you can share your RiveScript snippets with others. There’s a Share button that takes a copy of your code and makes a unique URL for it. Useful for showing somebody how to do something in RiveScript or having a test case that demonstrates a bug in the JS version of RiveScript. wink

It’s open source, too:


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