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Easy chatbots to instruct

Are there some chatbots easy to instruct? I mean chatbots that permit to insert into them the behaving rules without need to be developers, but trough a comfortable web UI for example.


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I am not aware of any chatbot platforms that allow you to define behavior rules without coding.  Googling “chatbot platforms no coding” yields many websites that claim to allow you to build a chatbot without coding.  It seems most chatbot platforms are simple templated bots or question answer types and even advanced chatbot platforms are very light on the “behavior rules” functionality.  Pandorabots is a good entry level web based platform.  AIML might seem like coding but you are basically creating templates that match input and then typing your responses.  There is a training tab so you can provide input and if the chatbot has no answer or answers incorrectly you can type in the correct response.  This is as close as it gets to building a chatbot with no code.  Good luck.


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