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Off Topic Chat

Hehe, I just can’t stand asymmetrical lists.  Regardless of what one might think of Twitter, and despite the fact it seems on shaky ground of late, I find Twitter very convenient for keeping up with company news in particular, much more so than for personal tweets.  In fact, I use it as an informal metric of company “health”, for instance if they haven’t tweeted a thing in over a year, then I start to worry.  Because, even if they have no “news” their PR / social media people are falling down by leaving dead ends hanging in cyberspace, IMHO….

[note]This was in a different thread, and off topic, but rather than delete the posts, I opted to split the thread. See my first post here as to why…  Dave[/note]


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So I guess that means you are deeply concerned about the health of Brillig Understanding, since we have zero presence on Twitter.


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Hehe, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it.  But if you want some help, we’re still connected on LinkedIn….


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Thank you. but I’m not looking for more things to support.


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Help doesn’t mean more.  Help means less.  But if you did things normally, you wouldn’t be a genius inventor….  grin

{@Dave, could you clean up all this off-topic banter, beginning with my first off-topic reply?}


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I could, but I find a little distraction to be of use. It satisfies a deep seated need for just a little chaos amidst the order. raspberry


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LOL. “chaos amids the order” grin

@Bruce - just keep the ball rolling with ChatScript, I’ve no idea how you manage to nail it with other pressures of work/life but I’m making great ground in the UK.

As per normal I’m behind the scenes, but will make some public shouts in the nearish future.

The focus, as it has been for the last umpteen years since I picked your tech up, is to set the Linux-Like level in what is (at last) emerging as the “Conversational Layer” of the Internet.


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@Phil - and here I thought you had given up on NL.


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