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Free or low cost tools for building chatbots with A/B testing of messages?

I’m looking for free or low-cost tools for building a chatbot, including A/B testing features (test different messages and see their results) or at least advanced analytics (so I can test “manually” different messages and see their individual results).
I’m not a programmer, so it should be easy to configure.
Something like but cheaper (free and open source would be great).


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Have you looked at ?


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Yes Andrew, I’ve tried and several others (,, Chatfuel…). They don’t have A/B testing nor the advanced analytics I need (with custom events). In the case of, it doesn’t have analytics at all (only logs).

I’m looking right now at I plan to develop my chatbot as a Facebook bot, so that might do the trick for me. If anybody has any experience with that, I would appreciate any input, recommendation or interesting links/guides.


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Miguel García What is the one key feature you think all the free ones are missing?


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