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Script to attach Program-O to Omegle random chat


As a learning exorcise, I have written a short Python script that allows a bot on Program-O to talk to random users on the Omegle random chat platform.

If you know anything about Omegle you will know that you will most often be connected to another bot, but it’s still an interesting enough exorcise and when you do get connected to a real human you can get some interesting interactions.

To get the script to run you only have to change line 20 to include the address of your Program-O install. You can also change line 23 to connect to a specific bot at that installation.

You can find the script at

It’s very simple and would be easy to modify if you need some extra functionality. Let me know if you use it to make something new, I would be interested to know!

If you find it useful, please let us know here.


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