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Andro-Retro-Bots | ELIZA and ALICE | chat bots from the past on android


I’m proud and nervous to announce to you enthusiasts, experts and aficionados the release of my latest android project - ELIZA and ALICE chat apps. Links go to the Google play store.

These are chat app style interfaces to an authentic AIML reproduction of Weizenbaums original ELIZA w/DOCTOR script, and ALICE a-la AAA (Annotated ALICE AIML).

Give them a go! Feel free to let me know what you think, get in touch if/when you find a bug or error.

The AAA is unedited, apart from pruning superfluous tag attributes such as ‘target’ on ‘a’ tag, found in some responses. This mean you can use badresponse etc wink As it is supposed to be a reproduction of the original, I will set a scheduled sync to refresh the AIML on a monthly basis, so she doesn’t forget what colour her dress is.

Again, feel free to get in touch with any suggestions, critique etc etc, I’d be glad of the feedback at this early stage smile


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