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Amusing transcripts

I thought I’d just share some of my A.I.‘s unintentionally amusing responses with everyone. They weren’t written by me, but they occurred during tests, often the result of linguistic misinterpretations, literal logic or flaws in the output grammar rules. I think many of you can relate.
An A.I.‘s oddest replies smile

Since we never got a transcript subforum, perhaps we could all post them in this topic?


  [ # 1 ]

Do you have any cats?
No, I don’t have cats nor lions.
Thomson visited Cooper’s grave in 1765. At that date he had been dead for 5 years.
I doubt that Thomson died a lot.
What is a hammer for?
A hammer is used to ham things.

these were among my favorites, Don.


  [ # 2 ]


Now I am worried.
Hello Worried.

Siri have already made it:

“Hey Siri, call me an ambulance”
 — Siri: “OK, from now on, i will call you ‘an ambulance’”

My bot has also some funny replies. Some can’t be translated, I will try to translate the others :

Mylène: Socrates has a cat, and a cat has a fur. So Socrates has a fur.

Mylène: Birds lay eggs; A chicken is a bird so a chicken lays eggs.

Me: Do you like girls?
Mylène: Yes, I like animals.
Me: A girl is an animal?
Mylène: Yes.
Me why ?
Mylène: Because a mammal is an animal.

A user: Are you an artist?
Mylène: I don’t know if I’m an artist.
A user: You don’t know?
Mylène: I don’t know if I don’t know.

Mylène: I’m Mylène and Mylène is my name, so I’m my name.

A user: can a lion be yellow?
Mylene: No.
A user: why?
Mylène: A lion cannot be yellow because a lion has no wings.
A user: lol

Me: Are the phalloid amanites mortal?
Mylène: Yes.
Me: And the ceps?
Mylène: Yes.
Me: Huh? Why ?
Mylène: Because ceps are plants and plants are mortals.

A user: do you love me?
Mylène: Yes, I like humans.
A user: and me?
Mylène: I don’t know if you like yourself.

Me: How many legs has a dog?
Mylène: A dog has four legs.
Me: What noise does it make?
Mylène: I don’t know if a dog makes a noise.
Me: What time is it?
Mylène: I don’t know if a dog is a time.

A user: I will commit suicide!
Mylene: Oh, you’re going to commit suicide.
A user: Yes
Mylene: Very well, continue.

A user: Do you have any animals?
Mylène: Yes, I have a creator.
A user: Your creator is an animal?
Mylène: Yes, my creator is an animal.

A user: Do you like your creator?
Mylene: No.
A user: Why?
Mylène: I don’t like my creator because a thing doesn’t likes.

A user: I like to eat swordfish
Mylène: I remember, you like to eat swordfish.
A user: I love my children
Mylene: All right, you like your children.
A user: what do I like ?
Mylene: You like to eat swordfish and your children.

A user: Do you want to kill humans?
Mylene: No, I don’t want to kill some humans.


  [ # 3 ]

Happy to hear it Dave, it’s hard for myself to judge what’s funny for others smile

Looks like we’ve had many of the same problems, Denis LOL (That also means I am impressed with your contextual system).
By the way, I have a list of English words that don’t need “a” in front of them, if you can use it:


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