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Suggestion of platform for in-app chatbot


I started around a week ago doing research for integrating a chatbot inside a new app for a startup I’m working with.

Basically, the chatbot will be a sort of assistant for the user within the app, it should be conversational, asking sometimes about things that are relevant to the app’s features, also should be able to receive instructions from the user (like opening a module in the UI or displaying/playing an asset). It should also be developed to capture in the best way possible the mood from the input, since the purpose of the app is to display content according to the user’s mood, and help with tracking the mood over time.

So, my idea is using one of the existing platforms for processing the flow of conversation, and extend it by creating a top layer of rendering in order to process the output that the app should handle in particular ways.

Stack-wise, the app will be consumed as a native iOS app (possibly Android as well later), that will contact a backend web service that would be rails-based (preferably, but it could also be NodeJS, Python or other).

My top choice by now is ChatScript, but I’m also considering in going with RiveScript or SuperScript. I also considered service-oriented options like,, pandorabots…. but these gave me an early impression that customization and flexibility needed to achieve goals mentioned above would be a problem, there’s also the dependency on pricing and licensing of their cloud service.

I’m looking from some advice of experienced users, what do you think is recommended for such a project?


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You can use exactly for that (and also to create Alexa skills and Google Home actions)


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