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Questions About Program O

hello everyone

I need help in interfacing Program O bot with a QA services. The bot will resolve some anaphoric references by refining the query by asking for clarity, then forward the request to a QA service(such as START, IBM Watson, or even Wikipedia). My problem is that I haven’t worked with APIs, so its difficult to understand how to parse a request from a chatbot to an external service. The JSON stuff confuses me. I download the Program O and hosted it on a remote server.

just want to know how to I pass a question such as: “Who is Oscar Pistorious?” in Wikipedia and how do I display the response using Program O.

make this message long coz I lack the words to make it short smile plz help


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Hello and welcome to! smile

One of the unique things about Program O is that it can make use of custom AIML tags that can be used to access outside sources (such as Wikipedia) to obtain responses to output to the user. Several such custom tags already exist, such as the <google> and <wiki> tags. Both of these tags have been included with Program O in order to illustrate how to implement custom AIML tags for this purpose. Depending on the version of Program O that you have, it shouldn’t be difficult to someone with moderately good skills in PHP to create other such tags to suit your specific purpose. You will find the PHP functions that parse these tags in the addons folder (chatbot/addons/custom_tags/custom_tags.php, to be exact). The syntax for the names of the functions is parse_[tagName]_tag() where tagName is the name of the tag itself (e.g. parse_wiki_tag() for the <wiki> tag). The function parse_wiki_tag() should give a good example of how such a function is written, but without knowing the specific requirements for accessing a different API, it’s difficult to advise you further. I’ve not used most of the API’s you’ve mentioned, so I’d have to do some research before I could help more than this brief description.

I realize that not all who use Program O have the skills to write the functions necessary to implement custom AIML tags, and I’m willing to help however I can, but this is an area that takes up significant amounts of time, and that is not something that I can offer for free. If you need more than a moderate amount of guidance, I’d have to charge for the time, I’m afraid. I’m sure you understand. smile If you wish to discuss this further, I’ll send you an email to provide contact information so that we could take the discussion private.


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