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Hello again


I joined 6 years ago and am pleased this site continues to grow. I continue to program. However a year ago I decided
to return to school.

I’m studying data science and start my NLP class tomorrow. I’m very excited. I received my daily chatbots reminder and thought I would stop by.  I’ve gotta say that chatbots helped steer me in part to go back to school and study this field of AI.

Chuck Bolin


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Welcome back Chuck, it’s great to see you again.

Are there any particular languages (human or computer) or design philosophies and algorithms that interest you these days?


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Well howdy, Stranger! Great to see you again! smile

I was looking through some archived project files the other day, and ran across the script that I wrote for determining ambient light based on time of day and phase and position of the moon for your VR bot that you were working on back in the day. It made me think of you, and what you were up to; then you posted here? I don’t know if it’s Karma or coincidence, but either way, I’m glad you checked in. cheese


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@ Dave,
Yes, the virtual bot I worked on was named “Walter” and was a park ranger in NC. It was a fun experiment but I did run into several barriers. For one, Walter continued to tweet me every few minutes. This was made more annoying by the fact that the geo data set was very limited to just a few landmarks. I also realized at the point how much data I needed to compile and I didn’t have much sense on how to do it. It was fun none the least.

@Andrew, in my present course of study I have worked extensively with R and Python (Pandas, Numpy, Sklearn). I’ve applied these to data exploration, analysis, modelling, and inferential statistics. I’ll be working soon with and digging into the details of text analysis. I’m also interested in exploring

I am working on a career move that would transition me from programming to data science. NLP, Chatbots, etc. are the most tantalizing interests…however any aspirations I may have in that realm require me to learn lots of difficult (sometimes boring) stuff. =)

I’ll start reading through the forums to see what’s going on and what I’ve missed.



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