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We do experience some trouble with our forms and some details page. We'll fix this ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience!
A-Bot, a new AI chatbot system. 

We have built a new chatbot system which supports reasoning by logic rules and memorizing during a conversation. The training process is different from AIML based chatbots. The training data is natural language based. Some extra tags are added for helping the chatbot to understand.

Customized chatbots can be created by our system at A-bot, Robert, just start working. We will consummate it very soon and share more training data with bot masters.


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Euhm. Most of the links on the site are broken. I think a problem with mixing \ and / slashes.


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Hi Jan, which page is broken? What’s the browser you are using?


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I’m using firefox.
on the homepage, most of the links are like this:\/service/


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It seems that someone made a small mistake today, and there is no problem on my IE and Chrome.

Anyway, it has been fixed. Thank you.

Jan Bogaerts - Nov 22, 2010:

I’m using firefox.
on the homepage, most of the links are like this:\/service/


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I’ve added AI pioneer to our right hand column in the directory tab (Build Your Own area). Will take a few minutes due to home page caching.


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Erwin, thank you. The service is just beginning. We are still building training data for A-Bot. More and more interesting content will be add to the knowledge base. The training data will be shared to users in the future.

Besides, we are improving the system also. The better AI, the few tags are needed.


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