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Adding audio to Chatbot

Hi All,

I’m new to this community and a novice as it comes to AIML.

I have been working on a FAQ project for the online College I work for, as the LMS Admin. It’s nothing to involved, just a resource that students can access for answers to their questions.

This is what we have so far:

1. We are trying to add a simple background ambient audio file that would loop
2. and then also a sound effect (digital beep type sound) that would occur as the bot types a response back to an inquiry. 

I have dome some research, but have not been able to successfully implement these two elements. At the moment I have the audio files on my PC and have also added them to the legacy files of our LMS. I wasn’t sure if I embed the files themselves or link to the files from the LMS or other location.  Any help would be splendid!

Thank you,



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The “old” way was to implement a Flash object for audio, and it’s still widely used, but the more “modern” way is to use HTML5 audio, instead. Nearly all up to date browsers support HTML5 audio, at least in it’s basic form, so IMHO, this is the way to go, moving forward.

I hope this helps. smile

BTW, following the link you provided, I got the following error message:

Failed to find Custom HTML: alicenew.html


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Thanks for the response Dave! Looks like I failed to republish the bot. hopefully you can view it now:

Can you point me to some example code that might give me a visual of what the code should look like for the audio elements we are trying to accomplish?

Thanks again!



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I’m afraid I still get that same error message, Carson. Sorry. (BTW, if I remove the skin attribute from the URL { }, I get the bot’s “bare-bones” interface, which works fine. It’s just a bit spartan, is all)

As for some example code, how about an excellent tutorial that covers both <audio> tags, and Flash objects? This site has become one of my Go-To resource/reference tools when it comes to HTML5, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to code web pages in HTML5. Be warned, however. It appears that English isn’t the author’s native language, so there are more than a few grammar/spelling errors lurking within. It’s not difficult to get around, but it is noticeable. smile


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Much appreciated Dave. Thanks again!


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