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I want my chat bot to talk to the #@$ insurance company

Blue sky:
If there was such as thing as a personal chat bot, I could ask it to go find out from the insurance company whether a certain procedure is covered, or why they denied my claim. When a business’s “business model” includes giving me the run around I think of ways to get back at them. So, when my bot calls Blue Cross (knowing the details of the company’s operations, as it must) and they ask my bot a question rather than answer it, it says: “for this press <1>...”.

Chat bots could usher in a time when consumers have control and corporate website become servants to the customers needs, not the other way around. The whole idea negotiating or of collective bargaining takes on new meanings in this new language-recognition world.


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Great idea…just let bot chat with other bots on your behalf.

Kind of like that old photo gag from many years ago in a college / university lecture hall.

It showed all the student’s desks, each with a small cassette recorder, recording the Professor’s lecture.

The next photo showed the same thing but this time the Professor had a cassette player on his lectern (desk) playing the lecture for the day. No one was in the lecture hall!


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