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Need help with Chatbots/Brainstorm

Hello, guys!

I have two questions:

1) Is it possible to create a chatbot that will be a disruption sensor – the system that would scan online and find potential threats for the customer’s business. So I think conversation should start with some questions to user about his business+bot should analyze their web site info and then bot should give answer in which field the company has problems. For example - if it’s IT company, chatbot can see that technologies that they are using are old and no popular nowadays, etc. Just need to know if its possible to create and how. Will be very glad if you will tell what tools I should use.
2) Need to create a business chatbot that will give answers about consulting staff. Should I create a database with all knowledge needed? or any other thoughts?
I’ll be really glad to get asnwers from more experienced developers!
Thank you and Best Regards!
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I have a question about #2: Do you have any real world examples of questions/answers that people used about “consulting staff”?


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@Peter Waksman:

No, that’s why I’m here to know if it possible for bots to answer on questions in particular areas? (here Consulting)


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I guess the answer is YES bots can answer questions in particular areas but NO consulting is not a “particular area”.


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Welcome Yuliia,

There is a difference between Consulting and “Consulting Staff”.

Your company might provide various types of consulting services (travel, financial, planning, IT, family, etc.).

The Consulting Staff might pertain to the staff of people who are employed at your business, their names, ages, educational background, areas of expertise, photos, work history, accomplishments, etc.).

But Peter is correct in that either of these can become “Expert Systems” or have extensive knowledge about these particular areas. It comes down to how you wish to program your bots.

Regarding your first question, while I’m not sure a bot is the answer, there are many programs that can perform an analysis of a website and provide some detailed information or suggestions on how improvements might be made.


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Another way to say this is: can you write down a an imaginary conversation between user and chatbot? How do you think it should look?


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YES: “create a database with all knowledge needed” then use a chatbot to access database.

The hard part is how you do it. There is AIML and other ways to express a chatbot, and there are template chatbots you can use (pandorabot?) but you have to write the program.


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