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Integrating Test-To-Speech (Festival framework) in Chatscript

Can I integrate festival framework with Chatscript to enable text to speech on my Mac Machine ?


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if there is a command line yes, you can pass your output to a system function.  Check out bot Harry’s control script, there is an example there for windows at the very bottom of the file (RAWDATA/HARRY/  It should be pretty easy to do the same for mac.  I’ve gotten the ‘say’ command to do something similar, i.e.  ‘/usr/bin/say <chatscriptoutput>’.


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if (!%server AND %os == mac  AND !$SHUTUP)
$$shellerror system(^"say \"$$tmp\" ")

For different voices type ‘say -v ?’ and you’ll get a list.  then add that to the command.  :)

note: check to see if your %os is set correctly (:variables) - there is a bug where it doesn’t set to mac - I fixed mine in the compile, but haven’t submitted a bug fix yet so you might have to hack on things a bit to get it set up - or just ditch the os check in the if statement for now.


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