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Matching money

Hi again, back with another question.

The ~money concept matches dollars, but not British Pounds. For example:

Housy:  OKyou want 4 bedroomsWhat is the max price per month you are willing to pay?
alex: > £500
:  OKyou want 4 bedroomsWhat is the max price per month you are willing to pay?
alex: > $500
:  Your max price is 500 per monthWould you like bills included

How would I go about modifying the concept so that it understands the £ symbol?


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I would suggest looking for the definition for the ~money concept, and see how it’s constructed. there should be clues there that should help with adding in the £ sign. Just my 3 pence worth. raspberry


  [ # 2 ]

Won’t help. It’s engine internal. I will have to examine in the engine.


  [ # 3 ]

Ah. Well it was a thought. smile


  [ # 4 ]

Ah not to worry, it’s not important for my bot.


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