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Convert basic RiveScripts into Regex

I’d like to know how to convert basic rivescripts into regular expressions. I tried to make some regex examples, but some regex failed to capture the correct values:

example 1: “what color is my bright red car” (

what color is [my|your|his|her] (bright red|blue|green|lemon chiffon) *
what color is(?: myyourhisher)?(?: bright redblue|g reenlemon chiffon)(?: (.+)) 

example 2: “he told me to say thanks” (

[*] told me to say *
(?:(.+) )?
told me to say(?: (.+)) 

example 3: “i know what cars are!” (

[i|you] [know] what [is|are]!
|you )?(?:know )?what(?: (.+))(?: isare)?! 

I somehow corrected the first and second regexes, but the last regex captured the wrong answer.
Are there any tools that help tranform rivescript in to regex?


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I don’t know of any tools that help transform rivescript in to regex automatically.


[i|you] [know] what * [is|are]!
(?:i |you )?(?:know )?what(?: (.+))(?: is| are)?! 

(?:i |you )?(?:know )?what(?: (.+?))(?: is| are)?! 
might be better. “(.+)” is greedy and will capture everything. I don’t think you ever get to the last optional group.
“(.+?)” will do a minimal capture if the last group exists.


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