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Looking for ambitious Chatbot developers

We are looking for people with experience setting up chatbots using IBM Watson or any similar platform. The idea is to create a virtual agent supporting users in how to use (web) applications.

The bot should be able to understand who and where the user is in the web application and answer FAQ’s, provide advice and even execute tasks within the application.

We want to setup a prototype to become part of our software suite.

Very interested to get in contact with people who have done something similar before. Ideally based in Amsterdam (this where our HQ is) or Oslo (where our R&D is based).


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Hello, I am just experienced on chatbots, having developed a full chatting platform similar (and even slightly different or better? than those of the big guys) 
Recently I was contacted by the IBM Watson Dialog president, in regards of my platform who outperforms the “supposedly rich and AI driven” dialog capability of watson chatbots. A PhD of the original JEopardy group came down to Argentina, while they were presenting their platform in a course I’ve attended. After an hour of interview they concluded that our system is far from theirs, but our roadmaps are in different paths, they go to the fill-neural network things (which have a black-hole inside, difficult to address) and I go to a completely different way of doing things, just a ad-hoc designed “brain” which can interact with humans in a similar than human way, even predicting mood, taking dialog high level decisions on the fly, using whatever method exists for disambiguating, comprehending text and even formulating the outcome (text generation) with NLG assistance. (limited for now) but impressive in flexive languages like Spanish, not so in English where the linguistic resources are limitless (starting with wordnet, ending with hundreds of tagged high-quality corpora) available for free.
If you are interested I can send you some info (privately) on the platform. I have been developing this for about 10 years, incorporating a huge number of methods to cope with dialog and text comprehension, just this. For more info on me, just google me.
I am an electronics Engineer, have done These on machine unattended spell-correcting (like humans, in Spanish) I speak German + Spanish as a native speaker, as well as English (learned since 6 years old).  I also have dual nationality, to travel to the the Netherlands, best regards.



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